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Ella Jet & Future Soul

Ella Jet and Future Soul want to bring out the strongest, realest human emotions through their music. With passion and through heartbreak, comes lyrically driven songs that have a deeper meaning, and are backed by a unique soulful groove. Their powerful harmonies will have you overwhelmed with amazement. Constantly pushing the limits of progressive Neo-Soul, you will not find them boxed in by musical or societal standards. Their overall theme of love will leave you recharged, connected to your higher self, and looking for more.

In 2014, Ella Jet was selected into the prestigious Grammy Museum’s Music Revolution Project and already she’s opened for National Acts We The Kings, Vonda Shepard, Emily Kinney, In The Valley Below, The Prettiots, and Lovedrug. She’s also played support at Ruth Eckerd Hall for Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas and her musical hero Bob Dylan.

In 2016, Ella Jet wanted to experiment with a new sound. She wanted to branch out from the singer-songwriter scene, and began to form her own band. By August of 2017, Future Soul had formed, which consists of Kevin Mendel on Guitar, Zach West on Keys, Levi Foe on Bass, Dillon Reeder on Drums, Sarah Ferrer on Vocal Harmonies, and Ella Jet on Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals.

Ella Jet’s debut album “Black Wave Diary” will be released in 2018. The songs reflect heavy lyrical subject matter: songs about teenage pain, addiction, abandonment and family dysfunction with powerful intense grooves underneath. As Ella Jet stated, “I like my music to show the simple beauty of a stunted sunflower growing up through the cracks of this crazy messed up world.”

Like the music of John Lennon, her songs are raw and very personal, fragile yet intense. The songs are stripped down to their bare essence and the effect will leave you spellbound. Check out one of Ella Jet’s live performances and get an insight into her very personal Black Wave Diary.

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