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The Law of Relevancy – Interview with Ben Tamblyn

The Bake More Pies team is excited to introduce a brand new podcast, the Law of Relevancy. Hosted by Bake More Pies President Cordes Owen, the Law of Relevancy podcast explores relevant topics for the digital marketing industry through discussions with some of the industry’s most noted experts.

Our guarantee is you’ll learn something new by the end of the podcast that helps you increase your personal brand and relevancy throughout your industry and career.

For the inaugural interview, we spoke with communications and brand storytelling expert, and the director of communications for Microsoft, Ben Tamblyn. Ben has been with Microsoft team for nearly 15 years and has an amazing background in communications, technology, business, and marketing.

During his conversation, he shared his thoughts on Brand Storytelling, relevancy, digital strategies and much more.

Check out the full interview:

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