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Automotive Video Production Services

Bake More Pies has an in-house, full-service automotive video production department. Our automotive production staff includes administrative staff, logistics, scriptwriters, researchers, directors, directors of photography, camerapersons, video editing personnel, graphics department, and voice over talent. We have the capabilities to do on-site dealership video shoots, commercial coordination and production, in-house editing, and more. Our automotive video productions are designed to feature your dealership’s inventory, facility, unique offerings, culture, staff and experience. We make all videos completely custom to your store, positioning you competitively in your market as a stand-out.

The Automotive Video Production Process – OTT/TV Commercial Spots:

Each month, the automotive commercial spot production process begins with the writing of the script. We make sure to include any ongoing OEM sales events, current national incentives, unique dealership message or special incentives, and any other important branding that you would like to focus on in your spot.

Once we have the script written it is passed on to you, the client. Here you can let us know if you want any changes made or if it has your approval. Once approved, the script is submitted to OEM compliance to ensure it is meeting all branding guidelines. We include all disclaimers, sales event logos, and complete vehicle details that are required. This ensures maximum co-op return for you when you submit for reimbursement after your buy concludes!

When the script comes back from compliance approved, we begin the process of voiceover recording. We utilize professional voice acting talent to record the script which gives your spots a professional and energetic sound, able to capture and keep the attention of viewers.

Once the voiceover is received, we hand the script, VO and creative direction off to our video production team. This is where the magic really happens. Our team uses the script and VO to create a stylish and attention-grabbing video that showcases your dealership and makes your current offers and specials come to life right before viewers’ eyes. These spots can include on-site footage, motion graphics, eye-catching fonts and bright colors. We also cater the theme of the ads to align with the current national and local sales events, as well as with seasonality and holidays.

When we have the final spot back, after reviewing it internally, we send the proof over to you and your dealership team for your final approval. Here, you can request any final changes you might want to be included. If you are satisfied with the spot, we release it to go live immediately.

We set up our media buys through high-definition, popular streaming providers such as ESPN, ABC, and Disney networks to ensure your video spots are being broadcasted to a wide audience and you receive maximum impressions on each spot that is running.

Other Automotive Video Production Services:

In addition to our state-of-the-art studio at our office, we also specialize in on-site and off-site remote video shoots at automotive dealership locations.

During the full-day on-site shoots, we can feature your most popular vehicles with an “unboxing” video. We utilize social media influencers to “unbox” your core vehicles, showing off the unique features that come with these vehicles. We give an inside look at these core vehicles, giving the customer an in-depth and thorough experience they won’t get from looking at pictures online. The influencer is selected as someone who is relatable to your market (geographically, demographically and purchase behavior style), making the content engaging for prospective customers and giving you a unique edge over your competition. This also helps to reach shoppers who prefer the online, remote shopping experience and/or knowing exactly what they want when they show up at your showroom ready to go for a test drive!

Ahead of these unboxing vehicle shoots, our automotive video production team will come to your store, scope out the location to plan out the staging. During this time, we also will meet with dealership management to plan out which vehicles you would like to highlight, along with reviewing all key features of each vehicle to focus on while doing these shoots. These key points are provided to the influencer host, and are demonstrated during their interaction with the vehicle. These videos aren’t scripted to ensure an organic and natural flow, but we work off of the discussed key features as a framework for what is most popular among your audience, as well as ensuring accurate verbiage and demonstration.

The full-length unboxing vehicle feature videos are between two and three minutes in length, and are fully edited with b-roll, music, motion graphics and your dealership’s logo and contact information. We can edit these as needed for shorter-length versions to use on specific media channels.

We also create culture-based videos that feature key members of dealership management and staff to personalize the messages from you to your customers and prospective customers, making them feel a connection and a warm welcome into your store to shop for their next car or to have their next service/repair. These can incorporate a “why buy from us” concept, explaining what makes your store special and unique, and what makes you stand out the most!

Unable to do a shoot on-site? Another automotive video production option that we specialize in is a “live from the lot” concept. Here, we can bring you into our studio in our Tampa headquarters, and film a spokesperson/host in front of a greenscreen, where we can edit in b-roll footage from your dealership into the background, allowing for a pristine audio recording without outside noise, while still showing off your dealership facility and its features in the background!

Through these on-site and off-site shoots, Bake More Pies will help showcase your dealership’s unique features, separating you from your competitors and elevating your store to be the top choice in your market.

We complete all edits in-house, providing you with one-of-a-kind, high-definition, customized videos to use across your social media, website, TV/OTT buys, email and CRM marketing, and more!

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