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What is Traditional Media Buying?

Besides digital media, Bake More Pies is a highly experienced traditional media planning and buying agency, dedicated to creating and implementing results-driven media advertising campaigns. We serve all markets, in all states and in all media  including every form of traditional mediaT.V.Cable, Radio, Newspaper, Direct Mail & Outdoor. 

We can launch your traditional advertising campaign from inception to flawless media execution with speed and confidence. Our capabilities include everything from the daily details of buy management to big-picture strategy. Our expert media planning and buying staff are supported by the most powerful and sophisticated resources in the business. 

While everyone talks about return on investment (R.O.I.) and the need to make marketing’s role more accountable, Bake More Pies commitment to results has been at the core of our mission from day one. Today, it remains the essence of our success. 

Research Can Be Key.

What makes your customers buy? What is your biggest competitor spending on advertising? What about focus groups? 

Quality research can be the difference between a good marketing campaign and a great one. Our research products can help us create a roadmap that reaches new customers at a time when they are most likely to buy. Bake More Pies can help with primary research, as well as a full suite of secondary research tools. 

Targeting The Right People. At The Right Time.

Our experienced application of insight, strategy, and resources delivers demonstrable results for our clients. Through imaginative planning and savvy use of the most sophisticated media tools available, advertising is not just about reaching the most people. It’s about reaching and moving the right people to act, at the right time 

Our media buying staff have successfully negotiated media for some of the biggest companies in the world (like John Deere, Trane, Bombardier, Stihl, Yamaha Electronics, Husqvarna and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage), but we also have done a substantial amount of media buying on a spot (local) basis, especially in automotive. 

Besides ROI, Our Success Is Also Measured In Savings.

For one client, who has 68 retail stores across the country, we reduced the cost of their media by 29%. We achieved these types of savings through a combination of: 

  1. Twenty-five years of experience (knowing how to negotiate with the media). 
  2. Use of pricing models (based on prior buys, proprietary systems we have developed, and cost-reference services like SQAD). 
  3. Using our Target•Point™ media software to give clients the optimum media buy and avoid the mistakes made by most media planners. 

Are We Right For Your Company?

We may be. Do any of the following things apply? 

  • You don’t currently have an experienced traditional media buying resource.  
  • You feel that you aren’t getting the very best deals you could in media.  
  • Is your agency telling you they have the lowest rates because of their so-called buying power? 

Regardless of your situation, we can help. Typically, we save clients between at least 15% on their traditional media. This includes trade publications and enthusiast magazines. 

We start by conducting a media, advertising, and co-op audit to establish a fact-based benchmark of your current position. Only after this audit do we recommend options for improving the performance of each marketing element, based on our expertise and experience. 

Tough Negotiators. Easy to Work With!

We’ve had hands-on responsibility for over a half a billion dollars in media buys over the past 25 years, and believe us, the media reps who sold it to us had to work for every penny of it. We’re passionate about the media buying business. And ready to put our expertise to work for you.  

Unlike many buying agencies, your work will always be handled by an experienced pro who will be your day-to-day contacts for your media planning and buying needs. 

You Deserve Nothing Less

Attention to your requests, listening to your needs, understanding the challenges you face internally and with the media – they are all are job #1 for us. From strategy advice and planning to executing your buys and accessing exclusive value-added benefits, we’re dedicated to making your media life easier and better.  

Our Traditional Media Buying Services

  • Pre-planning/input sessions. 
  • Media planning. 
  • Pre-buying discussions. 
  • Media buying for T.V., cable, radio, outdoor, newspaper. 
  • Negotiation of added values. 
  • Stewardship. 
  • Post-buy analysis. 
  • Any ad hoc media consultation needed. 

All provided at highly competitive rates. 

One Market. Or One Nation.

Supported by our proprietary planning tools, which give us expected negotiated rates in all markets across the U.S., we plan and buy media from a well informed and expert perspective. Advertisers in markets as diverse as Dallas, TX; Sacramento, CA; Jacksonville, FL; Atlanta, GA, and Brainerd, MN, have enjoyed the benefits of our cost-effective services. Why not join them today and get your media investment working even harder!  

Traditional Media Buying At Bake More Pies.

We’re more than just a company to do business with – we’re a company you don’t want to do business without. Call us or email us today!

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