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Navigating Growth: A PPC Strategy Success Story with WhatConverts

How Bake More Pies Transformed a Clinic’s Approach and Achieved 42% YOY Growth

At Bake More Pies, we’re not just participating in the digital advertising space; we’re leading the way. Our recent client success story showcases the power of strategic PPC shifts, and it all begins with understanding the unique needs of our clients.

The Solution to Our Client’s Challenge

In 2020, our client faced a critical juncture as leadership scrutinized investments for better ROI. Bake More Pies embraced the challenge of adapting the PPC strategy to align with the client’s evolving expectations.

To meet the client’s new expectations, we shifted our PPC strategy to focus on value over quantity. Leveraging the robust capabilities of WhatConverts, our trusted tool since 2015, we dissected new patient data, assigning numerical values based on the initial service provided. This breakthrough allowed us to evaluate the effectiveness of each ad campaign by revenue, patient type, and location.

whatconverts case study

Our Results with WhatConverts

The strategic shift bore fruit. Over one year, we achieved an outstanding 42.73% growth in new patients for the client. Our ad effectiveness insights from WhatConverts enabled a 5% boost in conversion rates. More importantly, the data transparency provided the client with operational insights, including in-demand procedures, staffing needs, and expected returns—a trifecta for propelling their business forward.

The Case Study

This case study is more than a success story; it’s a testament to the impact of data-driven decisions and strategic advertising in finding growth and success in any business. Dive deeper into the strategy and data that went into this campaign and see for yourself how Bake More Pies is changing the game for businesses looking to achieve significant growth in the digital age.

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