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Augmented Reality & Immersive Technologies

We hear a lot about the Metaverse today. The collection of technologies that comprise it – the Internet, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and blockchain business and gaming – provide a ripe new marketing and sales opportunity for businesses.

While few people participate in VR because of the expensive equipment required, most people have used AR, even if they did not realize it. Instead of creating a new world, AR adds to the existing world as an overlay to existing actual reality. If you watch the NFL games or have played Pokemon Go, you have used AR.

In 2021, the Carolina Panthers debuted their AR mascot, a massive panther. It pounced around the stadium and onto the JumboTron, entertaining fans when it seemed to knock over a player from the opposing team. AR can do that! The oversized kitty took national television and the Internet by storm when the team released a video of the beast’s stadium antics. The Twitter video went viral in its first week, amassing 5.6 million views.

While the most common uses to date have included construction industry uses and interior design, as well as gaming, AR has many possibilities. In architecture, an engineer or architect might use AR to overlay variations of a design onto the existing wall or area of a construction site. This lets them show their client each finished product without needing to build it – even in a scale model form. Interior designers use AR in a similar way, laying over a few designs, so a client can see their options superimposed on the existing space.

When you add a filter to your Instagram or Snapchat photo or video, you’re using AR. Many apps and games besides social media use AR technology to augment your reality. Both IKEA and Houzz have found usefulness in AR. You can download their AR apps, then try any piece of furniture in the store in your home. You’ll get to view the furniture superimposed on your actual living space. That lets you see how your choice of a new sofa will actually look in your living room before you buy one.

Google has even integrated AR into its search. You can use Google Lens to search the Internet using a photo. If Lens matches the item to another photo online, it describes it, provides the URL where you can purchase it.

You can quickly see how AR can elevate you as a brand. Contact Bake More Pies today! Let us help you get started implementing AR, VR, DAOs, blockchain tech and more. Let AR help you reach customers in a new way.