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Boost Customer Loyalty – Three Branding Tips

Branding is more than just the design and colors of your logo. It’s includes everything from social media to customer service. A good brand execution can mean building your business—and a bad one can lead to failure-to-launch. Here’s how great branding can help you boost customer loyalty according to Cordes Owen, CEO of Bake More Pies, a Florida-based marketing agency.

Create Your Brand Voice and Story

Find a unique voice that represents your brand and makes it sound approachable to your audience. Maintaining a consistent voice across all channels will make your brand more memorable and recognizable. Through compelling storytelling and striking imagery, you can share inspiration with your audience daily. By telling a powerful story, you’ll attract people who resonate with your message.

An excellent tool to get your message across without breaking the bank is social media. Your social media marketing strategy should set goals like increased brand awareness, conversions or an overall improved customer experience. But using social media to build customer loyalty is not just about posting new updates or products. You also want your audience to be invested in your brand story, and social media is the perfect platform to tell the ongoing story and get into all the aspects of your brand identity. The way to do this is to create original creative content that generates engagement.

Focus on What You Do Best

Customers want to identify with your brand’s core values and mission. What you do is who you are to them. So how can you help them to see your brand’s values easily and quickly?

Be definitive. The more specific you can be, the more your customers will begin to understand what your company can offer them. You may have to pick the one thing you’re best at, but it’s your story–you must stick to it.

Being about just one thing may seem counterintuitive; you may imagine offering more services, products, even identities would attract more people. But actually, the more identifiable you are, the more affection you will trigger in people. If you try to please everyone, you can end up making no impression at all.

Make sure your customers understand exactly what you do and feel that it’s something they’ve been missing their whole lives, and they can’t live without it now that they’ve discovered it. That means you really need to pick just one thing and make it perfect.

Your Brand has to Be Consistent

Consistency is an essential factor in building loyalty. Your brand needs to feel the same to customers every time they communicate with it. Customers want to feel confident that you’ll deliver on your promises every time, not only when it’s convenient. In fact, if you consistently deliver quality products and services across the organization, if you mean what you say, if you always over-deliver, the potential for your brand to not only grow but reach incredible heights is real. This will definitely separate you from your competitors.

Consistency of experience is very important, but your brand needs rock-solid visual consistency, too. Design elements and logos should look the same on all devices and all browsers. (You’d be surprised how often that’s not the case!) The only thing worse than when a logo is pixelated, stretched out of proportion or painted up with different colors is seeing it shared that way with customers.

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