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Sharing The Holiday Pie: How To Fairly Compete

It’s the holiday season, which means everyone wants a piece of the holiday sales pie. With Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day around the corner, here are some tips from Cordes Owen, CEO of Bake More Pies, a Florida-based marketing agency, to help you get noticed amongst the digital holiday noise.

Prepare Your Visual Content

When gathering content for your campaign, your approach can vary between services and products, but remember to humanize your brand whenever possible. Try to take photos of real people using your products. If you have a service-based business, you can use photos of yourself (because people want to connect with you!).

Focus on Creative, Useful Content

Your social media posts and online content need to stand out throughout the year, but engaging posts are even more necessary during the holidays. Fortunately, the holiday season is an opportunity for many attention-grabbing topics, so you can easily create seasonal trend lists, gift guides and entertaining tips that encourage site visitors to view and share your posts. One thing to keep in mind when crafting holiday content is to tie it all together into a brand story. Each piece of your holiday content should be able to stand on its own but should also be part of an overarching theme.

Optimize Your Ads

Online ads are everywhere during the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you should place your ads yourself. During this time of year, the key to advertising is to optimize ads for improved click-through and maximum visibility. Many online advertising platforms have an option to contact you with just a click. Shopping ads that put your product together with similar products from competitors get your brand in front of consumers looking to buy, and using your unique photos will ensure that your items will stand out.

Think Beyond the Holidays

The holidays may be the busiest season, but you should also use this opportunity to prepare for consistent sales throughout the New Year. Nurture goodwill with your regular clients by offering reliable customer service and a top-notch shopping experience throughout the season. Remember to reach out to previous customers with special gifts, seasonal greetings and targeted offers that lead to a positive view of your business.

Offer Giveaways that Create Memories

Consider this: What is the most valuable thing that can solve your audience’s biggest problems and will relate to your business? With this in place, you can think of all the smaller complimentary pieces that would make that thing even better.

To stand out during the holidays, try focusing on a giveaway that offers memories and experiences rather than just products.

Time Your Holiday Campaigns

By timing your campaigns during the holidays, you can make sure your ads stand out because they have less competition–and you’ll pay less for conversions.

Generally, holiday ads are most affordable during November, but you need to familiarize yourself with specific trends over a period of time. Adjusting your campaign by even a single day can cost or save you thousands of dollars. Typically, conversion rates increase as the holiday approaches.

Partner with a Charity

The holiday season is a period when people are more emotional; they’re thinking about giving, family and making connections more than usual. There’s nothing better than partnering with a charity to embody the spirit of giving to resonate with your customer, driving social shares and eventually sales.

About The Expert:

Cordes Owen is the CEO of Bake More Pies, an integrated marketing agency with digital DNA. They offer a complete array of marketing and advertising services that combine innovation, technology, and expertise, with the focus on Win-Win relationships.

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