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SEO: 3 Effortless Ways to Boost it with Video

With videos becoming a more and more popular format, have you ever wondered how they could boost your SEO? Here are three ways you can use video to improve your SEO!

1. Keep People on Your Site Longer

Search engines like Google pay attention to how long your audience is staying on your site. If you have a large amount of traffic, but those people quickly leave, it can mean that your content isn’t very engaging, and they’re searching for the answers elsewhere.

On the other hand, video content will keep viewers on your page for extended periods because people like to watch a video more than they like to read, even if those two formats are offering the same pieces of information. By relying on video to improve the amount of time someone spends on your site, you can significantly improve your bounce rate, which will help search engines boost your post to the top of their rankings!

2. Add SEO Keywords in the Titles and Video Descriptions

Users are mostly drawn to video titles. Keywords in a video title should be concise and descriptive to show how well it matches the viewer’s needs.

Keyword research is a useful tactic when you are making video content for SEO, as well.

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to conduct keyword research. Many tools can help you research keywords that are related to your video topic.

When writing the title and video description, make sure you include the main keyword, as well as all related keywords. Also, use language that will compel people to find out more and click on your video.

3. Get Backlinks with Viral Content

The goal of a potential top-ranking video is to generate high-quality backlinks. These come from users sharing your content over various social platforms. The problem is that not all videos have a shareability factor. Nobody wants to show their friends and family a boring clip about a new product. They want to be viewed as innovative and exciting. Your product can still do that, but the video must be something that sparks the need to share. Some reasons users might share a video are:

  • Funny Content: Everyone loves a good laugh. If your video puts a smile on someone’s face, it has a better chance of being shared with others.
  • Educational Content: Videos with educational content are also popular. Viewers who want to show their wit will usually share informative pieces. Users may also share something that expresses a strong point of view related to their own.
  • Emotional Content: Videos that evoke an emotional reaction are shareworthy. Viewers will want to show others how they felt when they watched it and will share the link through social media or email. This doesn’t mean the video needs to be sad; it just has to be touching. Use a real customer experience or a personal story to share an emotional message with your audience.

If you want to learn about more about boosting your SEO with video, visit our homepage.