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How Can Brands Leverage YouTube?

Innovative Techniques Brands Can Use to Leverage YouTube

TikTok might be trending heavily, but YouTube is an Internet juggernaut that’s endured tests of time and tribulation. YouTube is still a very powerful vehicle for brands to utilize to enhance their marketing, team communications, customer engagement, onboarding, employee training, and a lot more.

That’s not to say that TikTok isn’t also a strong venue to increase your exposure and build your brand’s public awareness, especially among younger demographics. Still, YouTube is very well established and offers various avenues to appeal to a diverse group of demographics.

Developing an intelligent strategy for producing and sharing YouTube video content can help your brand to engage your target audiences much more effectively. The following are innovative methods you can study and practice to leverage YouTube.

SEO Keywords Make Your Videos Simple To Find

Like its parent company Google, YouTube offers powerful search engine features that online marketing groups can take advantage of. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of creating and presenting content with targeted keyword phrases.

So, when you upload your videos, place relative keywords in your title tag and description. Think about specific terms or phrases that your targeted audience will likely be searching for. That way, when users search for content that’s related to yours, you will have an advantage in the search results.

Benefit from YouTube’s Strong Targeting Opportunities

Advertisers on YouTube enjoy numerous customizable targeting options. You can reach your targeted audience based on various factors, including:

  • Location
  • Keywords
  • Demographics
  • Type of content
  • Perspective of interest

Develop your advertisements so that they land in front of the proper audience at the proper times. Failure to focus on these opportunities will detract from your marketing success. Learn more about YouTube from Tampa marketing agency by giving us a call.

Repurpose Lengthy YouTube Videos for Use on Social Networks

After posting long-form videos on your YouTube channel, you can clip them or create GIFs from them to use on social networking channels like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. You can also place them on your company website, or even send them out via e-blasting. Be sure to keep your marketing efforts centralized so that they are all pointing towards your same intended message.

Produce Training Videos & Tutorials

YouTube is a powerful platform that allows brands to customize training videos for employees and tutorials for customers. Both groups will appreciate the simplicity of the interface, allowing them to absorb relevant information that helps them to better understand your brand and its offerings.

Upload Keyword-Optimized Event Videos

Recording company events, optimizing them for your demographics, and uploading them on YouTube is a smart way to educate people about your brand, its people, and its mission. Record video content during trade shows, fundraisers, webinars, and company outings.

Then, create written content, including title tags, based on relevant keyword phrases that will attract the demographics you want. This is a smart way to repurpose your content, build your YouTube presence, and appeal to an ever-growing customer base.

Educate and Help Your YouTube Audience

People are busy and their time is valuable. Make your YouTube content highly relevant, meticulously targeted, and full of useful information that will help your audience learn what they came to learn. Keep the fluff level very low. Concentrate on your expertise, not your ego. Give your audience the information they are searching for to help them solve specific problems. Positioning your brand as helpful is always a good move.

Share Deep-Dive YouTube Videos

One of the key differences between YouTube and TikTok is allowable video length. Take advantage of this. Use your YouTube channel to present long-form, deep-diving videos of more than 10 minutes, which is TikTok’s limit.

Also, take advantage of the fact that YouTube offers considerably more post-production features than TikTok, which is especially useful for projects like making “how to” videos. Finally, utilize YouTube’s worldwide trust ratio to improve your success rate between new customer discovery and conversion.

Amuse Your Audiences with YouTube Shorts

Like they say, laughter is the best medicine. Even if your brand is quite serious on its face, it never hurts to throw out some light-hearted content to entertain your regular viewers. Even if your YouTube channel focuses on something of great seriousness like brain surgery, in most cases, your viewers will still appreciate a quick burst of humor here and there.

On this note, you should realize that Google recently reported that YouTube Shorts receive more than 1 1/2 billion viewers each month. Use this to your brand’s advantage, and don’t forget to optimize your video shorts with highly relevant SEO keyword phrases. That’s something you should never skip, regardless of the type of content you’re presenting.

Appeal to Multiple Generations via YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is also an excellent vehicle to reach multiple generations of customers – from Gen X to Gen Z. It’s true that people have short attention spans, so getting your messages across fluently and rapidly is important.

However, you also need to remember to draw your viewer deeper into your sales funnel. It’s intelligent to produce various one or two-minute-long videos that entice viewers to click on the full-length version or to click on related videos that you wish to share.

Use Unboxing and “How To” Videos to Help Your Customer Base

According to Forbes, most people still go to YouTube, over TikTok, to discover long-form content, like unboxing or “how to” videos. This is true without respect to age. While TikTok can be really effective for gaining attention and leveraging content, YouTube is still the best for long-form content (typically more than 10 minutes) that helps the customer to deeply understand the topic at hand.

Create Useful Videos That You Would Want To Watch

Perhaps the most important tip about maximizing your brand’s success on YouTube is to keep your video content relevant, simple, to the point, and thorough. Make sure that the information you’re presenting is useful, which will make the customer appreciative of your efforts. If you need help creating videos, contact BMP Studio, a video production company in Tampa!

Leveraging YouTube to Enhance Your Brand

Stick to what you know and don’t try to jump on every trending topic to get some YouTube views. Allow your customer base to come to accept you as a go-to source for useful, directed, topic-focused information. Only put out YouTube videos of high quality, high relevance, and a high degree of direct usefulness.

Once you produce a video, take an honest look at it and ask yourself if it’s something that you would want to be watching, something that could be helpful. Be honest with yourself. Ask a trusted friend for advice. And if anything isn’t top-notch, edit it.

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