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Stream Like a Celebrity: How to Make Your Brand Relatable on a Budget

The ability to Livestream anytime you want is a great and inexpensive way for viewers to interact with your content, which leads to more conversions. Obviously, social media platforms that allow live video streaming have become popular places for both viewers and creators.

With our pro tips, you’ll be able to broadcast-quality streams effortlessly and by spending as little money as possible.

Although planning is important, the point of live video is to be casual and personable. From the viewers’ perspective, it should even look unrehearsed, but you still need to prepare. Here are some things you should keep in mind when developing a live streaming strategy:

Consider timing.

Do some research on your Instagram or Facebook audiences to find out when they’re most active. As for the length of your live broadcasts, remember that most viewers’ attention spans are pretty short — especially on mobile phones. If your videos aren’t captivating from the beginning, users will probably stop watching your stream.

Come up with a great title.

Your title must describe what your video is about and why people won’t want to miss it.

Post a teaser.

You’ll see an improvement in engagement and views if you notify your followers in advance.

Make a rough script.

Live videos allow you to show a more spontaneous, human side to your business. Still, a video that makes no sense will leave viewers feeling confused, so at least write some bullet points and perform a few rehearsals before going live.

Respond to comments live.

One of the best features on Facebook and Instagram is that viewers who are watching your stream in real-time can “like” and comment on the broadcast. Acknowledge or respond to the comments out loud to encourage interaction and engagement and make the Livestream feel like more of two-way communication.


Since Live features are still a relatively new option, there aren’t strict rules on how to use them, especially for companies. It is an opportunity for you to experiment with different options and to see what kind of content your audience likes. Facebook Live provides you with a few key stats you can keep track of to figure out what works.

Also, as you experiment with different video environments, keep in mind that the microphone will easily pick up background noise — so make sure you’re in a relatively quiet setting if shooting a more professional video.

Keep your content versatile.

Offer tutorials to help your viewers solve a problem or Livestream events. Any content that helps you strengthen a connection between your followers and your company is a success.

Keep your brand in mind.

Your videos represent your brand, so make sure you are consistent and stay on message when you approach content creation.

Sell a feeling.

Technical or dry advertisements will never be as successful as emotionally driven content, and live video is an excellent medium for capturing a feeling.

Consider incentives.

Offer your followers deals that are only available through your live streams. Not only will this increase your conversions, but it will also boost the growth of your followers.

If you want to learn about more ways to stream like a celebrity, visit our homepage.