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Threads vs. Twitter: Exploring the Similarities and Differences Between Two Real-Time Conversation Platforms

FAQ: Key Differences Between Threads & Twitter

While Threads adapts certain Twitter features for Instagram users, there are notable distinctions between the two. Let’s explore key aspects of both platforms to compare them:

What are the character and video limits on Threads and Twitter?

Threads: Threads offers a generous 500-character limit for text updates, allowing users to convey their messages concisely. Threads users can post videos up to five minutes long, providing a more immersive storytelling experience.

Twitter: Unverified Twitter users are restricted to 280 characters per tweet, challenging them to craft their thoughts succinctly. Also, Twitter limits video posts to two minutes and 20 seconds for non-verified users.

threads vs twitter

What are the sign-up requirements for Threads and Twitter?

Threads: To join Threads, users must have an existing Instagram account. After creating an account, they can download the Threads app on their iOS or Android device.

Twitter: Twitter operates as a stand-alone social media platform, so there is no need to have an account on any other site to sign up and use the platform.

How do Threads and Twitter handle ad policies?

Threads: Presently, Threads offers a completely ad-free experience, differentiating it from Twitter and many other social media platforms. However, future changes might introduce ad integration to support the platform’s growth.

Twitter: Twitter includes advertisements to finance its services and support its operations. Users frequently encounter ads while scrolling through their Twitter feeds.

What are the privacy settings on Threads and Twitter?

Threads: Users can choose to make their Threads account public or private, similar to Twitter. Additionally, they have the option to specify who can react to their public posts: everyone, accounts they follow, or specific individuals.

Both Platforms: Threads, just like Instagram, collects user data to target advertisements and personalize the user experience.

How do Threads and Twitter prioritize safety?

Threads: Threads follows the content guidelines and safety measures of Instagram, ensuring a secure and user-friendly environment. Users under 16 are automatically assigned private accounts for enhanced safety.

Twitter: Similar to Threads, Twitter also implements content guidelines to maintain a safe platform. It prohibits users from purchasing weapons, threatening individuals or organizations, or supporting terrorists or hate groups.

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What are the pricing models for Threads and Twitter?

Threads: Currently, Threads is entirely free to download and use. However, it might introduce advertising in the future, similar to Instagram’s ad-supported model.

Twitter: Twitter offers a subscription tier called “Twitter Blue” at a monthly or yearly fee, providing access to additional features. The subscription allows users to edit tweets after posting, change the app icon appearance, and increase the number of tweets visible daily.

How do Threads and Twitter handle verification of accounts?

Threads: Threads carries over verification from Instagram, displaying blue checkmarks next to validated account handles.

Twitter: Twitter’s verification process has evolved over time. Currently, users can obtain verification badges through the Twitter Blue subscription or based on their public reputation.

Can users send messages on Threads and Twitter?

Threads: As of now, Threads does not support in-app messaging functionality. Users can share Threads with others via text or communicate through Instagram direct messages (DMs).

Twitter: Twitter provides in-app messaging capabilities, allowing users to send voice messages, photos, GIFs, and texts. Additionally, users can easily share tweets with others via direct messages.

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