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Up Your Social Media Game with IG Carousels

According to a recent study, Instagram posts are more successful when they include a photo carousel – instead of a single photo or video.

The study found that posts with ten slides get the highest engagement rate. After three slides, engagement drops off; then it picks up again at eight slides or more. Meaning that if you’re going to do a carousel with more than three slides, you should make the most of it and create 8-10 slides.

A combination of videos and images in the same post is found to get the highest engagement rate. So mixed content posts seem to be a secret tactic marketers can use to increase engagement on Instagram. Even carousels with only videos are found to generate slightly higher engagement than just images. Another interesting fact about Instagram video carousels is that they get many more comments.

If you are wondering if it’s too much to tell people to “swipe left” on a carousel or if it can really help, the study shows that carousels with messages that encourage viewers to swipe left actually perform better.

How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts


  • Product Launch

Use the Carousel to show pictures, specs, and even the first look of a new product.

  • Before and After

There’s something satisfying about a reveal, and swipeable Instagram posts are one of the best ways to post a good before and after pic. Also, visually showing your product’s benefits gives your target audience the chance to see how your product works and how it fits into their lives.

  • Recap

If your company hosts events, and you’d like to thank attendees or boost attendance, you can use carousels to recap the events.

  • Process Demonstration

Demonstrating a process is an excellent way to engage prospects who may not be sure about buying a product. If your product offers long-term results, carousels can show the progression of the future benefits your customers will enjoy.

  • Share Your Brand Story

Carousels can also be used to share your company’s story without looking out-of-sync. It’s essential to make sure your post fits in well with the overall aesthetic of your feed. It’s also a great way to use the potential of visual storytelling.

  • Show Your Customer Reviews

A brands’ success is greatly influenced by customer reviews — and if you’re getting good reviews, it makes sense to share them in a carousel post. Sharing positive reviews is an excellent way to increase your visibility, spark interest in your services and products, and build trust.

  • Add a Call to Action

For example, by creatively mixing a carousel post with a call to action, you can create a poll for your followers to vote, which is a great way to encourage comments.

  • Show Your User-generated Content (UGC)

Besides customer reviews, UGC is one of the most trusted types of content that you can share on your social media account. With a UGC strategy, you can strengthen the sense of community on your page, increase brand loyalty, and naturally drive more sales.

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