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Creating a Collaborative Working Environment

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Jen: Hey guys!

Jessica: Today you’re tuning in to Marketing Minute. I’m Jessica, otherwise known as Beas around the office, and I’m the account specialist at Bake More Pies.

Jen: And I’m Jen, the Social Media and Content Specialist and today we will be discussing three factors that we feel are important for collaborative working environment.

Jessica: Number one: Communication. Jen and I communicate on a daily basis. Whether it’s about project deadlines, managing client expectations, or recent social media trends that we feel will really bring our clients campaigns a success. Speaking of social media trends, that brings us to number two.

Jen: Number two: Flexibility. In the social media world, trends are changing constantly, so it’s importantfor us to stay on top of it and flexible. For example, we build our clients calendars three months in advance but if we see a trending topic, we’ll communicate with each other, build it out, and make sure we can capitalize on it for our clients.

Jessica: Number three, we feel this is most important: Trust. So, I need to trust that Jen is gonna bring any recent strategy to me that I can then communicate to the client. She needs to trust that I can communicate to the client in a very effective way. And then I need to trust that she’s gonna be honest with me about what she thinks is the best strategy in order to bring our clients to success.

Jen: Well, there you have it. Three top reasons. If you found this useful please comment below and like our page. And tune in next time for our next Marketing Minute. Please like and follow us on Facebook!

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