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Getting Around Facebook’s Algorithm

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Hey everyone, my name is Jen and I’m the Social Media and Content Specialist here at Bake More Pies.

And today, I’ll be talking about Facebook’s algorithm change. So, currently Facebook’s organic reach is down to one percent. So, we’ve come up with a list of guidelines in order to help you increase your reach.

The first would be to limit the amount of links that contain a hyperlink or URL. Facebook wants to keep its users on its platform. So, any type of link that takes its users off, will be penalized.

The second would be to increase engagement. So, that means liking, commenting, and responding to all reviews within the first twenty-four hours.

And the third would be to create quality content that you can boost.
Boosting by as little as ten dollars can greatly increase your reach. So, if you found this useful please like us or comment below and we’ll see you next time on our next Marketing Minute.

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