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The Relevancy of Podcast: How to Attract An Audience

Your podcast’s listener base is what determines your success. Most podcasts will not have immediate success; you’ll have to do some groundwork! Here are our best tips to grow your audience base!

Podcast SEO Matters

Making your podcast easy to find in crowded virtual spaces is crucial. You can do this by using the right titles, descriptions, keywords and content.

A podcast that appears on the first page of Google or makes it onto the “New and Noteworthy” page on iTunes will have more success. So, the goal is to optimize your podcast for both Google searches and any podcast directory search engines where your show is listed.

HOW TO: Add target keywords in your description and name, as well as each episode’s description and title.

Choose the Right Apps

Podcast smartphone apps are becoming popular, and many people find the ones they want to listen to by browsing through categories in podcast directories. You want to be in as many of these as possible—across Android and iOS apps—to increase your reach and improve your monetization capabilities.

HOW TO: Submit your podcast to as many of these app directories as possible to have a maximum chance of getting discovered.

Define Your Niche

One of the mistakes that podcasters make is talking about a topic that is too broad, thinking that they’ll be able to reach more people. But truthfully, when you try to talk to everyone, you’ll end up talking to no one.

Defining your niche allows you to engage your ideal listener. In doing so, you’ll attract more of them. If you choose a podcast topic that is too broad, you’ll have a tough time trying to grow your following: people won’t stay unless you’re offering them exactly what they want and need.

HOW TO: Dive deep into a tightly focused topic and market: Instead of creating another marketing podcast, create a marketing podcast only for dentists.

Be Active Online

Getting as many people involved as you can will always go a long way. There are many great community platforms online where you can converse, network and discuss with the right people.

HOW TO: Use targeted platforms to interact with your current and future listeners–and also potential guests!

Use the Power of Social Media

In the modern world, it would be safe to assume that the majority of your subscribers and listeners are active on social media, so you need to make sure you are using it to your full advantage.

For example, rather than just tweeting out information about new episodes, record and share an episode sneak peek for Facebook Live.

HOW TO: Post your episode previews to many different platforms to reach more listeners.

If you want to learn about more ways to build your podcast audience, visit our homepage.