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What to Bring With You to a Studio Shoot

When the day of your video shoot comes, you want to be fully prepared, ready to handle your shoot and everything that comes with it. Here’s our list of basic things you need to bring to the studio with you!

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Bring Water and Food

A video shoot is thirsty work – you’re going to be handling hot lights and heavy equipment. Bringing refillable water bottles for your crew, not just flimsy supermarket pallet bottles, will make their life and their workday a lot easier. More importantly, it will make everything safer and more effective with major players in your team able to keep hydrated through the studio shoot.

Squeeze packs of applesauce and other easily ingested foods are handy to have with you on a long studio shoot. Electrolyte drops are great to have and add to water or foods. Food helps provide a quick hit of energy when a cast or crew member is feeling low without having to fully break for mealtime. Speaking of mealtimes, make sure you have those built into your studio shoot. Either have your shoot catered or provide enough time in the day for everyone to get a meal. Shooting a video is hungry work as well as thirsty. Make sure your crew is fed.

Bring All Your Equipment Chargers

Wireless equipment is the norm on shooting sets now and making sure your equipment stays charged is a critical responsibility for members of your crew. To keep your hardware running through the whole day, and avoid scrambling for replacements, wasting valuable time for you and your hardworking cast and crew, make sure that you have every charger you’re going to need for phones, cameras, and tools, and make sure that they are clearly labeled.

Extra Copies Of Your Script

Producing a video is hard work, and a good script is the cornerstone of a great video. Bring extra copies of your script because scripts get lost, pages get out of order, and pages get coffee spilled on them. Any mishap you can imagine can happen to a copy of the script. Paper is cheaper than time –save time by printing more paper than you think you’re going to need.

Just Bring Extras

Anything you think you’re going to need; it will make more sense for you and your studio shoot to bring extra copies. From gaffer’s tape to SDHC cards, extras are important to make sure that you’re not caught short at a critical moment. No matter how much you think you’ve planned out your shoot, enough will never be enough and you will need more of something at a critical moment. Make sure that your shoot keeps humming along by overpreparing. If in doubt, remember the old carpenter’s saying: “Measure twice, cut once.”

Props and Backdrops

You’ve spent time and money on amazing backdrops that show off your business to its best potential. Your backdrops show off your branding, style, and maybe even a little bit of swagger. Whether you’ve worked with Bake More Pies and BMP Studio to design your backdrops or you’re planning to bring in backdrops that you’ve been using for years, making sure you have them on hand will maximize your brand’s footprint during your shoot. Bringing the backdrops that you’ve made for the shoot ensures a smooth, stress-free shoot that maximizes your use of the studio.

Costumes and Makeup

Studio lights are bright and harsh and always flatten the face. Makeup will reverse this flattening effect, bringing out your actors’ and anchors’ faces so that they can be seen on-camera. If you want your actors to look like actors and not like an oval blob on your backdrop, make sure you have the right makeup, and they know how they want to apply it.

Likewise, make sure your costumes are ready and make sure they stand out in front of your backdrops. If your backdrops are chroma-keyed, as many are, it’s going to be critical to make sure that your costumes don’t include any colors that will be picked up as part of the chroma-keyed backdrop so that parts of your visual effects don’t end up on your actors.

Your “A-Game!”

A video shoot is an exciting, grueling day full of surprises and setbacks. Whether this is your first shoot or you’re a veteran, nothing can be taken for granted on your studio shoot day. Our full-service studio at BMP is here for you to turn your visions into a reality. We are excited to help you with everything from studio space to equipment.

Video Production Tampa

When working on a video shoot, preparation makes professionalism. Making your professional mark on your studio shoot day will put everyone in a good mood and make sure that your shoot is not only quick but happy and productive. Look no further for your video production company in Tampa. We look forward to seeing you at BMP Studio!