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Yext & Alexa’s Integration

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Hey guys, Hailey here, over at Bake More Pies. And for today’s marketing Minute I wanna share with you a very new feature that’s gonna help benefit your local SEO.

So, here at Bake More Pies, we partner with Yext. And Yext is the leader in their industry when it comes to location listing management. And, so what they do is they take your business data, they match it online, and then they lock it using their API’s.

So, what that means for you, is you can update your business information at one dashboard. And it automatically syndicates in real time to over seventy different publishers. So, what Yext is now doing, is they’ve now integrated with Amazons Alexa.

As you know with voice search, there’s only one result. So, we wanna make sure that your business is the one that’s listed. So, if you have any questions about local SEO, or the Yext Dashboard, give us a call, we’ll be happy to talk to you.

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