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What is Branding and How Do You Do It Successfully?

Are you tired of trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong with your marketing plan? Have you put in thousands of dollars into your online ad campaigns with no results? 

Maybe the problem is not that you don’t have something valuable to offer. Maybe the problem is that you don’t have a brand; you have products. 

Daymond John, author of The Brand Within and a member of the Shark Tank panel on ABC’s popular entrepreneurial program, says that Customers are not looking to purchase a single product anymore. They are looking to buy a whole program. 

Daymond John himself is a living example of what this approach is all about. Starting with nothing more than a back room of his mother’s home in the Bronx, he created a name from nothing except a sewing machine and a dream. He stands today as one of the most influential self-made entrepreneurs of all time. 

Daymond John’s comments remind us that people want companies they can buy from repeatedly without the fuss of having to locate other companies they may or may not like to deal with.  

Create Customer Loyalty

Branding is the process of creating interest and awareness of your company name in such a way that there is a positive impression of it with your public. This takes a long time to do successfully but is based on a step-by-step approach to marketing that has little to do with advertising. 

In a way, it could be said that branding is the psychology of advertising. In other words, it takes a more personal and psychological approach to advertising. The goals of advertising and the process of brand-building are different. 

The goal of advertising is to sell products or services.  

With branding, it is to work on company reputation and public opinion of them. The purpose of branding is to improve the impression of a business overall. This may include the awareness of specific products or services, but it is not explicitly focused on the products. 

Of course, selling is involved and always desired. But the emphasis here is working on the reputation of a company. This may include things that have nothing to do with products. It has to do with integrity, culture, history, and much more. It has to do with the way a person looks when you mention the company’s name. It has to do with whether they close their browser when they see your company’s ad or if they proceed with learning more or purchasingIt’s about influence. And you can’t manufacture it. It only comes with careful planning and time. 

Here’s an example:  

The Coca-Cola Company has been around since 1892. They are a part of American tradition dating back to the 19th century. They sell soda. 

But they are also involved in several positive humanitarian projects. Their company philosophy is that they want people to get along in the world, help their fellow man, and help inspire happiness. 

That’s why they created the Smile campaign. 

This campaign was one of the most successful digital media and campaign strategies the company had ever used. It featured a series of video shots of people giving away a free Coke as a favor to others. 

The video can be seen on YouTube. It has received several million views, and it didn’t once say to buy a Coke. 

A similar ad by Coca-Cola was produced in 1980 when a boy was pictured offering famed football legend, Mean Joe Greene a Coke after the game. Greene had been injured during the game, and at first, ignores the boy. Then the boy offers him his Coke, and it changes everything. He tosses the child his jersey to keep. They make a connection. This touching moment between a small, seemingly unimportant young boy and a sports giant shows how people of different walks of life connecthrough something they both enjoy. 

This is far more powerful than telling people to buy a Coke. This is the psychology of branding that sticks. Ads like this stay with us forever, and even if we forget them when we see that red and white Coke label, we remember it again. 

Bake More Pies understands there is more to selling products than just advertising. It has to do with appealing to people on a human level, to touch a chord in their hearts and minds that resonates with them. 

Most ads are so mundane, overdone, or irritating. So, when a touching announcement like this Coke commercial comes on, people notice. 

Strategically Market Your Brand Identity

When planning your brand identity, you should include all the components that you consider important to the making of your company name. This process is critical because it creates and maintains your reputation for your business, both online and offline. 

Bake More Pies focuses on the strategies it takes to turn a company into a trusted name and a business into a household word. We do this by providing the best resources, techniques, and strategies needed to get the job done. 

We test many different techniques and strategies until we find what works best. Then we repeat this process to gain the most leverage for your marketing strategies. 

Grow Your Brand Equity

Brand equity is the amount of value that customers perceive in a particular company. If a company has done a good job with its brand equity, it will have positive equity. If the company has not done a good job with this aspect, it will have negative equity.  

Another way to refer to the equity is perceived value. The perceived value of a company has to do with how valuable people think a company is to them. Knowing your audience plays a significant role in this process because you need to know what people value before you can create value within your company. 

Our Approach

You may wonder why we are different. For one thing, we are a digitally-focused marketing firmThat means that you don’t have to have a million-dollar budget for us to help you. We have skilled professionals who love helping companies succeed.  

Our approach at Bake More Pies is to use everything in our arsenal of tools to help create positive reputation equity for a business. We do this with several different strategies, including: 

Keep in mind that this is just a partial list of what we do. We stop at nothing to get creative to help our customers positively grow their business while capturing the attention of both search engines and prospects. 

We also focus on getting return visitors to your blog, website, and social media pages. We believe that creating a strong following of people who appreciate what your company stands for is better than selling your products for one day. 

Of course, selling is involved, but this results naturally as a result of marketing your company’s name in a way that resonates with your target audience. 

About Bake More Pies

We are the ad campaign strategy experts who know how to help grow your business from a company into an empire. We have a talented and creative staff dedicated to focusing on building your business. 

Having a positive image on the web is critical to your success. By creating positive information about your company and what you stand for, we can help you create a positive customer experience for your customers, which helps your reputation as well. 

We will guide you through this process every step of the way, listening to your ideas and visions for your company, while advising you on what to do to continue moving your business forward. 

If you are starting with your website, building a new company, or need help to recreate your image, call on us. 

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Bake More Pies lives up to our name. We are not bakers, but we can help you do more, be more, and succeed more. More pies! Our customers tell us that they love what we do because it’s obvious we care about their company. It’s not about us. We succeed when our clients succeed. And that’s how we’ve to build OUR brand. 

We focus on every aspect of your business’s reputation and marketing, so you can compete with the big names in ways you never imagined. 

Unlike in the old days, when only the companies who could afford it created video ads, radio ads, and magazine ads, being on the Internet puts you on the same playing field as the big companies.  

To quote successful entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, If I can do it, you can do it. 

But you don’t have to do it alone. It’s good to have a guide and partner to help you with the rough spots. Get a professional digital marketing team to help you reach your goals.  

We can help. Call us today or email us and watch your business soar!

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