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Website Optimization for Lead Generation

Every day it seems you read more about how search engine optimization (SEO) helps your business improve its ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). This further drives organic traffic to your website, ultimately increasing revenue and leads for your business.

A list of steps and processes must be taken in order to see success in website optimization for lead generation. So, where in that string of items does your content marketing fit?

Content Marketing

Your content marketing refers to the digital content you use – the blogs, articles, photos, videos, etc. – to pull people into your website. The researched SEO keywords that you intersperse naturally throughout each blog and in the meta tags for each photo and video help the search engines recognize that your webpages’ content relates to a specific topic.

The Importance of Keywords

When the search engine recognizes your blog as relevant to a specific keyword, it elevates your entry. Think of this as the search engine picking up your blog entry, placing it on a silver platter, and raising it high in its arms. Google rec that your webpage “offers the best, most on-point information on the Internet” so it improves its ranking to show that content to users searching for it. Owning that top result equals the silver platter, and it gets lots of individuals to visit your website, earning the potential to generate leads for you.

Content Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation

In the old days of advertising, companies purchased full-page ads in magazines and newspapers to explain their product. Today, people don’t typically purchase those full-page ads. Instead, they create video spots, ads, and a website to host information about their products like on a blog.

When it comes to content marketing on your website, you have to be sure you’re using the right keywords that your audience is searching for so they can find you.

Your blogs and articles, as well as photos and videos, must show and tell how your product helps users all while implementing SEO keywords throughout the content. This means research matters. When you offer blogs that address your potential customers’ needs, you make the search engine happy. That results in a higher SERP ranking, ultimately driving you leads.

Developing Sales Leads

If you come from a sales background, you might think of lead generation as a matter of cold calling. Using content marketing flips the switch for lead generation leading consumers to do the outreach about your product or service.

Instead of you needing to purchase a phone or mailing list, your artfully written, insightful SEO blogs attract potential customers to your website through their optimized SERP rankings. This helps you because as savvy searchers, Internet users typically choose the top organic search result.

Every Page Gets a Call to Action

Including a call to action (CTA) at the end of every blog, landing page, and service page also carries over from the old days of advertising. A few decades ago, most service-based businesses used direct mail campaigns to reach consumers. Every postcard or letter included a CTA. Today, we include a CTA on nearly every webpage on a business website.

You won’t typically find a CTA on the privacy page or the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page of a website, but you will on every blog. It’s best practice for every product page or service page to also end with a CTA.

How It All Works Together

The process of lead generation using your business’s website builds upon each step. It may not provide as straightforward a sales funnel as cold calling or traditional print advertisements, but it costs less and can produce more leads and better leads.

Instead of casting a wide net, your website exactly targets your buying audience. The people who need your product and can afford it plus who would willingly spend the money to own your product. That honed targeting produces better leads because they come to you already wanting what you have to offer.

Search engines helpfully catalog your website content just as a librarian would catalog books in a library. When anyone searches the Internet for the type of product your business makes or a service your business provides, the search engine ranks your site. If your site lands on the first few SERP spots, you’ll probably get visited.

When your potential customer visits your website, they read the page they landed on and then may explore the rest of the site if they found it helpful. Providing them a CTA on every page provides you a better chance of creating a lead.

Your website should also create landing pages relating to specific lead-generating activities, such as a mailing list signup page. This helps you create an email list of individuals who volunteer their contact information because they want to hear from your business.

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