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9 Digital Tactics to Drive More Sales

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Digital technologies are transforming the potential and practice of marketing— as companies have become more agile, data-driven, and ROI-focused. The question is: How can you drive change and create value fastest? Based on what Tampa advertising agency Bake More Pies is seeing, we recommend these 9 tips to drive more impact.

#1 Seize the Shift

Your company now recognizes that marketing drives revenue. Seize the shift. It wasn’t very fun when marketing was seen as a cost center, particularly when the CFO needed to cut budgets. But now, as it becomes more and more measurable, marketing is understood by leaders outside marketing as a revenue driver, integrally tied to sales.

This offers an opportunity for marketers to be on more equal footing with the traditional revenue leaders of the organization — sales — and marketers should leverage this.

#2 If You’re Going to Do Data, Do It Right

Stop ignoring the foundational data work that enables digital transformation, even if it’s not very sexy. The success of a digital transformation relies on the success of the data transformation. Are you sure of the true level of data quality and how to manage the ongoing health of data throughout the organization? We would be happy to help.

#3 In the Age of Data, People are More Important than Ever

Prioritize talent issues ASAP, and don’t be afraid to try something new or radical. For all the talk about data and technology, the talent issue is likely to be the most vexing challenge most marketing organizations face. Many leaders are taking matters into their own hands, developing new training efforts to transform their current talent to become modern, full-stack marketers. Creating more consistency, and even mobility, within the company.

#4 Creativity is Still Your Most Valuable Currency

As you get more data-driven, don’t lose your creative spark. The data revolution means that there’s far more forward-thinking going on. However, if marketers become unilaterally data-driven and lean too far into automation, they will lose their most differentiating skills around human intuition and creativity. The art of the storytelling craft will be more important than ever to ensure that, even when targeted well and at speed, creative messaging still connects with people. And while new marketing options and formats will continue to emerge, regardless of whether the math is fully understood from the start.

#5 Meet Consumers Where They Are

The more advertisers understand the mindset and the decision journey of their customers, the more likely they will reach them. According to Forrester, 60% of brand decision-makers indicated their organizations still do not consider mindset when developing personas. The Bake More Pies Brand Compass tool does.

#6 Get to Know the “Workday Consumer”

Speaking of knowing where your consumers are… adapt your digital marketing strategy to post-pandemic consumer behaviors.

Not too long ago, from Monday to Friday, many consumers went to offices where they completed “work-life” activities. Then they went home, where they immersed themselves in “personal life” activities. On weekends, they did chores and went shopping.

Advertisers could count on this behavior as the status quo—until the pandemic hit. Suddenly, many people began working from home. As the pandemic eased, hybrid work became the norm and life became blurred. For many, tasks that were previously done at the office began to be done at home. Even as societies reopen, this change has triggered a fundamental, and now possibly permanent, shift in how we spend time online and created what the Harvard Business Review calls the “Workday Consumer.”

The Workday Consumer unapologetically switches among their employee, personal, and consumer modes throughout the day, with 59% considering their work and personal tasks equally important during what would be considered traditional work time.

#7 Bargain Hunting Season is Now a Year-Long

Bargain hunting creeps into more sectors. The online shopping experience is providing more ways for consumers to seek deals. It has come to the point where consumers often feel like they have failed if they paid full price for anything. As businesses use promotional pricing to entice shoppers, they have to learn how to do it responsibly to avoid damaging the market as a whole.

#8 Convenience is King

The internet and speedy delivery have created a consumer base that demands greater convenience. Now that millennials are grown to the point where they are parents with busier lifestyles, efficient and convenient shopping experiences have more value. Time-saving solutions are an important step for enticing today’s customers. This also enables retailers to offer home installation and preparation services to improve the efficiency of households and the buying experience.

#9 Short, DIY Videos

TikTok, TikTok, TikTok…it is dominating the conversation right now. TikTok has shifted the landscape of social media away from status updates and curated photo grids in favor of short video posts. It didn’t take long for other platforms to jump on the bandwagon, with Instagram launching its Reels feature and YouTube leaning into ‘shorts.’

Short videos emphasize the fast-paced way in which we consume content and highlight the need for simple and succinct messages or engaging content that asks us to participate—whether it’s learning a new dance, joining a challenge, or participating in surveys and polls.

The great thing about these short videos is that everyone has the ability to put together a quick video that isn’t super polished through their phone. These short engaging video content are candid, behind-the-scenes, DIY, real stories and have a more unpolished look at what younger consumers want.

It’s why Bake More Pies keeps adding to its Tampa video production studios and in-house video production capabilities and team!

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As the pace of digital transformation continues, marketers are now taking center stage in their organizations, connecting the dots across customer needs and data, business priorities, and the digital agenda. Bake More Pies recommends you follow our preceding 9 tips and contact us for a deeper dive into how we can help you drive sales with digital marketing. We have been the leading Tampa advertising agency since 2014 – give us a call!